A Breathless Night...


Back in 2010, it was around 9 pm winter night, Radhika and Subhani (her roomie) were returning to their hostel from Bolpur (Shantiniketan, West Bengal) railway station on their respective bicycles. While riding her cycle, Radhika got a call from her best friend and she was busy conversing on the phone. Suddenly, a shabby looking man came out of nowhere and snatched her new phone, and ran away on his cycle. For a moment, Radhika was zapped and failed to understand what had happened with her with no thoughts, no words and no action.

Soon, she realized and started shouting, “my phone”, “my phone”, “my phone” and increased her cycling speed in order to catch the thief. Before speeding away, Radhika told Subhani, “A shabby looking man took my phone and I am following him to get my new phone back.”

Hearing Radhika’s shout, the men standing nearby also started to run in order to catch the thief. To avoid the threat and danger of being caught, the thief avoided the main road and took a turn to change the direction. But, Radhika was strong, brave and determined girl who wanted her phone back. At one time, she asked herself, “where I am going, I do not know the direction, can I come back again?” But, all these thoughts did not stop her and she cycled at full speed.

Listening to her shout, a security guard of a nearby ATM took out his motorcycle and joined in the chase to help her. After an hour of chasing, the thief was finally caught red handed by the guard and was dragged in front of Radhika. She was petrified, panic-stricken, and tired.

“Give my phone”, she told the thief.

But the thief replied, “I do not have your phone”.

She was aghast and gave him a tight slap.

After half an hour of interrogation, the thief finally agreed and said that he had thrown away the phone on the roadside when he was taking the turn from the main road. Everyone reached the spot that the thief had mentioned and found the phone lying by the roadside.

“Thank you everyone”, Radhika expressed her gratitude to all those who tried and helped her get back her phone.

“Register a FIR against the thief”, a man shouted from the crowd

But, relieved that she has got her phone back, Radhika began cycling to reach her hostel, all the way thinking what a breathless night it was. Huh!!!

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